Home Maintenance

Bringing in the Mail and Newspapers

There will be no need to hold your mail at the post office as all mail will be brought into the house daily. Also any flyers and newspapers will be picked up and brought into the house daily. This also provides better security to your home.

Talking In/Out Trash Recepticles:

All trash will be taken out and brought back in on the day of your trash pickup.

Watering Plants.

Your plants both inside and outside will be watered and cared for the entire time that you are away, so you can rest assured that you will return to happy and healthy plants that has also received our TLC.

Home Security

While attending to the needs of your pet, you will also feel secure in the fact that our presence will be known as a theft deterrent. We will turn lights on and off at different times of the evening. Our vehicle will be parked at your residence which would also deters would-be intruders.